Friday, August 27, 2010

Guess My Mission!

I will try to keep an updated map of all the guesses here!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Post to Start Them All.

My name is Kyle Larsen (as the title of my blog states) and I have decided to give the blog thing a shot! So please bear with me until i get my feet under me on this new experience.

First off i would like to thank Foster Irwin for the help on start my blog, it has been much appreciated! he has also given me a great idea to use this blog to review media (movies, video games, etc.) which i will do every now and again also, I will use it to talk about just my everyday life.

Now, allow me to introduce myself to a greater extent, once again my name is Kyle Larsen, an average 18 year old from Utah. I'm very athletic and love to play sports or just be a part of them. I also love to race dirt bikes, camp, and be outdoors. I'm not a lazy person unless it comes to video games at night which I wont lie, I do enjoy the occasional video game.... Anyways enough of me for now. 

This being my very first post, I would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestion on what i can do to make my blog better and more enjoyable to read! (I don't want it to be boring!) So thanks for anyone who reads my posts and I will be posting again very soon!