Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pre Mission Experiences.

With conference just next week and me submitting my papers to the bishop today I would like to share some thought and feelings that have come over me in the past week. First I will start with conference, I have had a lot of time to listen to past talks while sitting in the car on the long drive to and from Los Anglelas California. ( about 10 hours.) While listening to these talks I have pondered and thought about many different things that have helped me through some of the difficult trials that have been placed before me at this time in my life. First, I have learned to be more patient and have faith in what I want. When it comes to being patient, I am probably the worst example of this trait however, I've learned that only through patients can we be prepared to face trials and hardships in front of us. When it comes to faith I have always been faithful in all that I do but one thing, probably the most difficult thing that has ever been put before me to be faithful in, and by not having faith in it, it has caused me greast distress. However, Saturday evening I had an experience where I learned that by putting these to traits together I could overcome anything and the lord would see me through it to help me determine what is right for me and also what paths I should follow.
Today during my mission prep class we were talking about what it means to be a missionary. I took this subject very seriously and thought to myself, what am I most excited for on my mission? First I thought getting my call and seeing where I will be spending the next to years of my life, then to my surprise i realized something that I wont forget, it does not matter where I am going to be serving because it is not my mission, it is the lords mission that I have been pre selected for in the pre-mortal existence. Then I thought the thing I am most excited for is to see who I become from serving a mission. What will I learn? How will it change my character? As I pondered this we were asked to make goals on what skills we wanted to learn on our mission, so of course me being simple minded I selected three. First I want to become a happier person that loves to talk to everyone, no matter if I know them or not, no matter what religion or race they are I want to be a well liked person by everyone I encounter or come in contact with. Second, I want to become more knowledgeable and confident about my understanding of the gospel and be able to teach it with love and understanding. Third,  I want to become more in tune with the spirit so that it can help me through all my ordeals!
All these things I have said are just whats coming from preparing to serve my mission. and with it just around the corner I couldnt ask for and better experiences that I know are just strengthening my testimony so that I can be ready for times when i will need it most.
I will be keeping everyone updated on my status and where I will be serving thanks for all the support and my Love goes out to all of you!

here is a little video I found to be very helpful on service and kindness of the heart.

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