Friday, March 25, 2011

Week 3 in the MTC

Kyle is doing great in the MTC!  He says that the language is getting harder and harder to learn since they introduced new grammar rules, but at a street contacting activity they had last week, he started speaking German so fast that the missionaries that had been there for 9 weeks, and his teacher Bruder Decosta were amazed!  Kyle said he had no idea where it came from but it was awesome! 
Kyle says that he feels insufficient to be one of the special missionaries to serve in Germany.  It is the hardest mission in the church right now.  Since the year 2000, Germany has gone from having 6 missions to having only 2 in Berlin and Frankfurt.  There are 82 million people living in Germany, and only 36,000 of them are members.  There are only 14 stakes and 92 wards in all of Germany.  Out of all of the 36,000 members, there is only 172 German missionaries and Kyle is one of them!!!  He says, "I am responsible for 82 million peoples salvation..figuratively speaking.  That is a lot of people!"  Another fact is that every time that the church starts sending more missionaries to Germany, there is a world war.  Kyle is a part of one of the largest groups that has been sent since the Berlin Wall.  The leaders of the church know this, and the last 3 times they have said we need more missionaries in Germany and sent them, World War 1 started, the next time World War 2 started, and last time the Berlin Wall happened in which all three times it resulted in missionaries getting evacuated to the Netherlands and Denmark.
In the country of 82 million members, church youth are only one of few members in their communities.  There are often only 1 or 2 members in entire schools.  The school teachers know that they are members of the church.  One teachers named Karen Pilz said, "The teacher told my daughter, you are a member of the church I can tell.  I knew one once, he was different, he was a fine young man".  Kyle commented and said, "People know we are different!  They know we are special and yet they still deny it!  Why?"
The world is in turmoil, there is talk of saints being kidnapped, murdered, and all this in the bible and its starting to happen.  Kyle said that he is going straight into the heart of all this wicked.  There is the Middle East, Egypt, South Korea, U.S.S.R. Georgia, and he will be right in the middle of it.
"If i opened up my mission call last November and Jesus appeared and said, Kyle you have been called to Germany however you will only help one person is it worth it?  I would still go!  It is more worth it than anything!"

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